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PFID PFID Old Formal Annotation PlasmoDB TDR Targets Subcellular Localization Affecting Drugs
Drug Name PubMed Articles (year of publication)
PF3D7_0303600 PFC0166w plasmoredoxin PlasmoDB TDR
Biochemical characterization, suggested target
PF3D7_0717900 MAL7P1.88 thioredoxin-like protein PlasmoDB TDR
In silico, suggested target
PF3D7_0916100 PFI0790w thioredoxin 3 PlasmoDB TDR
PF3D7_0919300 PFI0945w thioredoxin-like protein 1, putative PlasmoDB TDR
PF3D7_0925500 PFI1250w thioredoxin-like protein 2 PlasmoDB TDR
PF3D7_1006600 PF10_0066 phosducin-like protein, putative PlasmoDB TDR
PF3D7_1230100 PFL1450c thioredoxin-like associated protein 1, putative PlasmoDB TDR
PF3D7_1231500 PFL1520w mitosis protein dim1, putative PlasmoDB TDR
PF3D7_1345100 MAL13P1.225 thioredoxin 2 PlasmoDB TDR
2,4 thiazolidinedione
PF3D7_1457200 PF14_0545 thioredoxin 1 PlasmoDB TDR
PF3D7_1462000 PF14_0590 thioredoxin-like protein PlasmoDB TDR