PF3D7_0702200 lysophospholipase lpl20

Confocal microscopy images of the transgenic parasites at ring, trophozoite, and schizont stages expressing fusion protein. PfLPL20-GFP fusion protein was present in the vesicular structures near parasite boundary, in the cytosol, and as a large multivesicle like structure near the food-vacuole. (Right) Co-staining of transgenic parasites with neutral lipid marker (Nile red) shows that the PfLPL20 (green) associates with neutral lipid storage body near the food-vacuole. The nucleus was stained in blue with DAPI. During trophozoite stages, the PfLPL20 was present in distinct foci/vesicle at the parasite periphery, close to the parasite membrane; in addition, some of these vesicles were also distributed in the cytosol (left); in late trophozoite and schizont stages, the fluorescence was observed in 2-3 large vesicular structure and several of these structures were present close to the food-vacuole (left). In trophozoite and schizont stage parasites, the Nile Red stained 1-2 vesicular structures closely associated with food vacuole (right). The Nile Red stained lipid bodies showed complete overlap with PfLPL20-GFP near the food vacuole, suggesting that the PfLPL20 localize in the neutral lipid storage bodies.

Sheokand PK, Narwal M, Thakur V, Mohmmed A. GlmS mediated knock-down of a phospholipase expedite alternate pathway to generate phosphocholine required for phosphatidylcholine synthesis in Plasmodium falciparum. Biochem J. 2021 Jun 16:BCJ20200549.