PF3D7_0903700 alpha tubulin 1

Centriolar plaques are divided in an extranuclear centrin-containing compartment and an intranuclear DNA-free and protein-dense compartment associated with microtubules. (A) Dual-color STED nanoscopy images of a 3D7 schizont expressing tagged nuclear pore protein Nup313-3xHA_glms, labeled with anti-HA (yellow), anti-tubulin (magenta), and overlayed with confocal images of anti-centrin (green) and Hoechst staining (blue). (B) Confocal images of a 3D7 schizont ectopically expressing 3xNLS-mCherry. Signal was enhanced with RFP-Booster-Atto594 (magenta) and cells labeled with anti-centrin (green) and with Hoechst (blue) and DRAQ5 (turquoise) to detect DNA. (C) Quantification of dimensions of the DNA-free region in 3D7wt hemispindle (n = 36) and mitotic spindle (n = 23) stages using single image slices acquired in one immunofluorescence staining. Dimensions were measured as indicated in schematic. Depth was measured from underneath the centrin signal to the deepest point of the DNA-free region. Width was measured at the widest diameter of the DNA-free region where the nuclear membrane is expected. (D) Transmission EM image of the centriolar plaque region (annotated copy on the right) in a NF54 wt schizont shows no invagination of the nuclear membrane (blue) but suggests a boundary-likestructure (black) delineating an intranuclear region from which microtubules (magenta) emanate. Green arrow indicates electron-dense region likely associated with the centriolar plaque

Simon CS, Funaya C, Bauer J, Voβ Y, Machado M, Penning A, Klaschka D, Cyrklaff M, Kim J, Ganter M, Guizetti J. An extended DNA-free intranuclear compartment organizes centrosome microtubules in malaria parasites. Life Sci Alliance. 2021 4(11):e202101199.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0107000 centrin-1
PF3D7_1446500 Nup313