PF3D7_1149000 antigen 332, DBL-like protein

Left: Immunofluorescence staining with a-DBL/nDBL-domain antibodies of Pf332. a-DBL/nDBL-domain antibodies (green) visualize at early

trophzoite stage (around 20 h p.i.) vesicles that carry Pf332 in the

cytosol of the iRBC; when the iRBC reaches late trophozoite/schizont

stage (40–47 h p.i.), Pf332 can be observed in association with the

iRBC membrane. Lower panel: Additional staining with the a-Pf332

monoclonal antibody m33G2. Staining with previously raised sera against the Pf332 (m33G2, red) show that a-DBL/nDBL-domain antibodies (green) co-localize with sera raised against the polypeptide encoded by exon II of Pf332. Staining is shown for the parasite strain 7G8, DNA staining with Hoechst (blue); Scale bars = 1 mm.

Right: The Pf332 DBL-domain is iRBC surface associated. Immunofluorescence with antibodies against the DBL-domain visualizes the surface association of the Pf332 DBL-domain as shown for HB3 iRBC (A+C) and FCR3S1.2 iRBC (B+D). A+B: Parasites are unstained; the RBC membrane is indicated with a white line/arrow, the intracellular parasite with a grey line/arrow. C+D: Parasites are stained orange with Ethidium-bromide. Scale bars = 1 mm. E: Western blot with the same a-Pf332 DBL-domain antibody as used for the immunofluorescence assays; the antibody recognizes only the molecule Pf332 and does not cross-react with any other proteins.

Moll K, Chêne A, Ribacke U, Kaneko O, Nilsson S, Winter G, Haeggström M, Pan W, Berzins K, Wahlgren M, Chen Q. A novel DBL-domain of the P. falciparum 332 molecule possibly involved in erythrocyte adhesion. PLoS One. 2007 2(5):e477.