PF3D7_1102200 erythrocyte cytoskeleton-interacting j protein

i) Immunofluorescence analysis of native eCiJp, shows the protein to be expressed and trafficked during the late ring-early trophozoite stage of development. A punctate staining pattern was observed in the cytosol of infected RBC, suggesting the protein to be trafficked in association with specialized structures like J-dots or Maurer’s clefts. ii) Corresponding pre-immune sera did not give any immuno-fluorescence staining in infected erythrocytes, suggesting the specificity of the antibodies. #hpi- hours post-invasion..

Sahu W, Bai T, Panda PK, Mazumder A, Das A, Ojha DK, Verma SK, Elangovan S, Reddy KS. Plasmodium falciparum HSP40 protein eCiJp traffics to the erythrocyte cytoskeleton and interacts with the human HSP70 chaperone HSPA1. FEBS Lett. 2021 Dec 10. Epub ahead of print.