PF3D7_1456800 V-type H(+)-translocating pyrophosphatase, putative, VP1

Treatment with PfATP4 or PfNCR1 inhibitors prior to MbCD treatment inhibited MbCD-mediated extrusion of parasites. (A) Trophozoite-stage parasites from the PfVP1-mNG line were treated with KAE609 (10 nM), MMV009108 (1 mM), and chloroquine (150 nM) prior to treatment with MbCD. Live fluorescent imaging showed that parasite extrusion was inhibited by prior treatment with KAE609 and MMV009108 (indicated by yellow arrows), while treatment with chloroquine like MbCD did not inhibit this extrusion (indicated by white arrows). Nucleus is stained with SYTO deep red (pink). Erythrocyte membrane is stained with WGAAlexa

350 (blue). Representative images from 3 independent experiments for each condition.

Ahiya AI, Bhatnagar S, Morrisey JM, Beck JR, Vaidya AB. Dramatic Consequences of Reducing Erythrocyte Membrane Cholesterol on Plasmodium falciparum. Microbiol Spectr. 2022; 10(1 ):e0015822.