PF3D7_0414900 armadillo-domain containing rhoptry protein

PfSPM3 localizes to the SPMTs of P. falciparum merozoites. (B) Localization of PfSPM3-GFP by live-cell microscopy during intracellular development cycle in 3D7-PfSPM3-GFP-glmS. (C) Colocalization of PfSPM3-GFP with TubulinTracker, microtubule-associated protein PfSPM1mCherry, the rhoptry marker protein ARO-mCherry, and the IMC marker proteins ALV5mCherry, PhIL1mCherry, and PF3D7_ 1345600mCherry. Nuclei were stained with Hoechst 33342. Bars, 2 μm. Zoom factor, 400%, with a scale bar of 1 μm. DIC, differential inference contrast.

Wichers-Misterek JS, Binder AM, Mesén-Ramírez P, Dorner LP, Safavi S, Fuchs G, Lenz TL, Bachmann A, Wilson D, Frischknecht F, Gilberger TW. A Microtubule-Associated Protein Is Essential for Malaria Parasite Transmission. mBio. 2023 10:e0331822.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0109000 photosensitized INA-labeled protein PHIL1
PF3D7_0909500 subpellicular microtubule protein 1, putative
PF3D7_1003600 inner membrane complex protein 1c, putative
PF3D7_1327300 conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function