PF3D7_0323400 Rh5 interacting protein

Schematic drawing of the PCRCR complex binding to red blood cells via basigin.

Left: the PCRCR complex binds to basigin in order to facilitate close-contact ‘velcro’ effect. Right: inhibitory antibodies towards all five components are able to bind and inhibit invasion both when reacting close or distally to the basigin site. Antibody–antigen complexes with solved structures are depicted in magenta, while unsolved structures are depicted in red. Both monoclonal antibodies and nanobodies are depicted. Structure information was collected from from the following deposits: 4U0Q, 7UNZ, 7P13, 7PI3. Abbreviation: RBC, red blood cell. The figure was created with and ChimeraX.

Björnsson KH, Barfod L. A complex equation - adding to Plasmodium falciparum invasion. PMID: 36682939.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0423800 RH5-Ripr membrane anchoring protein cysteine-rich protective antigen
PF3D7_0424100 reticulocyte binding protein homologue 5
PF3D7_1218000 thrombospondin-related apical membrane protein
PF3D7_1404700 cysteine-rich small secreted protein css, putative