PF3D7_1471100 exported protein 2

(D) Immunofluorescence antibody (IFA) images of trophozoite-infected cells from indicated parasites, showing labeling with mouse anti-EXP2 and rabbit anti-HA antibodies. TRPV1 localizes within the intracellular parasite and is not exported into the host cell. Scale bar, 5 μm. (E, F) Immunoelectron microscopy images using rabbit anti-HA and a secondary goat anti-rabbit antibody conjugated with 18 nm colloidal gold particles, suggesting TRPV1 trafficking via the parasite ER to the parasite plasma membrane

Sylla M, Gupta A, Shao J, Desai SA. Conditional permeabilization of the P. falciparum plasma membrane in infected cells links cation influx to reduced membrane integrity. PLoS One. 2023 Apr 4;18(4):e0283776. PMID: 37014920