PF3D7_0102200 ring-infected erythrocyte surface antigen

Disruption of the RON3 C-terminal fragment function leads to unusual protein export by PTEX translocon. Ring-infected RBCs from RON3-DDD parasites were cultivated with or without TMP (con and ES in Figure 2A). IFA images of ring-infected cells with (A) anti-RESA or (B) anti-SBP1 with anti-EXP2 antibodies. An image is shown for an export or no export pattern of A) RESA or B) SBP1. RESA and SBP1 staining are shown in green, and EXP2 staining is shown in red. The nuclei staining (DAPI) is shown in blue. DIC, differential interference contrast. Bars, 5 μm.

Ito D, Kondo Y, Takashima E, Iriko H, Thongkukiatkul A, Torii M, Otsuki H.

Roles of the RON3 C-terminal fragment in erythrocyte invasion and blood-stage parasite proliferation in Plasmodium falciparum. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2023 13:1197126.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0501300 skeleton-binding protein 1
PF3D7_1471100 exported protein 2