PF3D7_0719200 NIMA related kinase 4

Episomal expression of GFP-tagged Pfnek-4 protein multinucleated-schizont stage from transgenic 3D7 parasites expressing GFP-tagged Pfnek-4 controlled by cognate (Pfnek-4) promoter. Overlay between the green and blue channels, and corresponding DIC images are shown as well. Scale bars, 2.0 μm. While the bulk of examined schizonts did not show any detectable signal, as expected for a protein thought to be gametocyte-specific, fluorescence microscopy of asexual stage cultures consistently identified a small subpopulation of schizonts with dots (single or doublets) of concentrated Pfnek-4-GFP protein associated with nuclei. Fluorescence was never detected in ring and trophozoite stages. Noteworthy, all nuclei within a single schizont appeared to be associated with punctuate Pfnek-4-GFP fluorescence from early developing schizont to multinucleated schizonts (right).

Reininger L, Garcia M, Tomlins A, Müller S, Doerig C. The Plasmodium falciparum, Nima-related kinase Pfnek-4: a marker for asexual parasites committed to sexual differentiation. Malar J. 2012 Jul 31;11(1):250.