PF3D7_0731500 erythrocyte binding antigen-175

Dual immunofluorescent analyses showing apical staining of mature P. falciparum (FVO strain) schizont with EBA-175 RII specific mAb R217 used at 10 mg/mL and rabbit polyclonal sera KLS13 against baculovirus expressed EBA-175 RII. These mAbs gave a characteristic apical punctate fluorescence pattern in late stage schizonts.

C) Schizont stained with mAb R217 (used at 2.34 mg/mL), M: merozoite; A: apical end of the merozoite expressing EBA175, D) schizont stained with anti-PfCSP mAb 2A10 (used at 68 mg/mL). The nuclei were stained with DAPI.

Sim BK, Narum DL, Chattopadhyay R, Ahumada A, Haynes JD, Fuhrmann SR, Wingard JN, Liang H, Moch JK, Hoffman SL. Delineation of stage specific expression of Plasmodium falciparum EBA-175 by biologically functional region II monoclonal antibodies. PLoS One. 2011 Apr 14;6(4):e18393.