PF3D7_1133400 apical membrane antigen 1

Indirect immunofluorescence images of P. falciparum schizonts stained with rabbit IgG (green) induced by 10 viral-vectored vaccines expressing malaria antigens, and negative control vectors lacking a malaria antigen. Nuclei are counterstained with 4,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (blue). All sera were tested against 3D7 strain parasites, with the exception of anti-PfRH1 for which FVO strain parasites were used. All images to same scale as Giemsa stained image (top left, on which scale bar indicates 5 μm).

Douglas AD, Williams AR, Illingworth JJ, Kamuyu G, Biswas S, Goodman AL, Wyllie DH, Crosnier C, Miura K, Wright GJ, Long CA, Osier FH, Marsh K, Turner AV, Hill AV, Draper SJ. The blood-stage malaria antigen PfRH5 is susceptible to vaccine-inducible cross-strain neutralizing antibody. Nat Commun. 2011 2:601.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0402300 reticulocyte binding protein homologue 1 normocyte binding protein 1
PF3D7_0424100 reticulocyte binding protein homologue 5
PF3D7_0424200 reticulocyte binding protein homologue 4
PF3D7_0501500 rhoptry-associated protein 3
PF3D7_0508000 6-cysteine protein
PF3D7_0731500 erythrocyte binding antigen-175
PF3D7_0930300 merozoite surface protein 1
PF3D7_1228600 merozoite surface protein 9
PF3D7_1335400 reticulocyte binding protein 2 homologue a