PF3D7_0818200 14-3-3 protein

Subcellular location of 14-3-3 in asexual blood stage parasites. Using anti-14-3-3I antibody in immunofluorescence assay, the Pf14-3-3I protein was localized in both nuclear and cytoplasmic compartments. This dual location is consistent with the pleiotropic role of 14-3-3 proteins that are involved in the regulation of subcellular localization, activation or inhibition of enzymes, and signal transduction.

Dastidar EG, Dzeyk K, Krijgsveld J, Malmquist NA, Doerig C, Scherf A, Lopez-Rubio JJ. Comprehensive histone phosphorylation analysis and identification of pf14-3-3 protein as a histone H3 phosphorylation reader in malaria parasites. PLoS One. 2013;8(1):e53179.