PF3D7_1311800 M1-family alanyl aminopeptidase

Indirect immunofluorescence of transgenic parasites stained with monoclonal anti c-myc primary antibody followed by anti-mouse cy2. (i) Bright field; (ii) anti-c-myc antibody; (iii) anti-c-myc/nuclear stain merged; (iv) merge of i and iii. The data show that the PfA-M1 transgenic protein is localized to the parasite cytosol.

McGowan S, Porter CJ, Lowther J, Stack CM, Golding SJ, Skinner-Adams TS, Trenholme KR, Teuscher F, Donnelly SM, Grembecka J, Mucha A, Kafarski P, Degori R, Buckle AM, Gardiner DL, Whisstock JC, Dalton JP. Structural basis for the inhibition of the essential Plasmodium falciparum M1 neutral aminopeptidase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009 106:2537-42.