PF3D7_1016300 glycophorin binding protein

A. Immunofluorescence patterns of the 96.tR antigen. Young schizont (A) and segmenter stage parasites (B), fixed with 1 % formaldehyde in PBS. (C) trophozoite stage fixed with 100 % methanol at room temp. (D) Air-dried parasites showing trophozoite and schizont.

B. Immunogold labeling of the 96.tR antigen on Lowicryl K4M-embedded parasites. Upper panel: Early schizont – the labeling is randomly scattered over the erythrocyte cytoplasm (h). No labeling is found in the parasite except in the food vacuole (F). Lower panel: Late schizont and trophozoite. Labeling is found only the host cell cytoplasm (h) and on the food vacuole of the trophozoite (F). x25,000. Bar = 1 mm.

Bonnefoy S, Mattei D, Dubremetz JF, Guillotte M, Jouin H, Ozaki LS, Sibilli L, Mercereau-Puijalon O. Plasmodium falciparum: molecular analysis of a putative protective antigen, the thermostable 96-kDa protein. Exp Parasitol. 1988 65:69-83.