PF3D7_1444200 EF-hand calcium-binding domain-containing protein, putative

Ultrathin sections of merozoites were incubated with sheep Abs to calmodulin from bovine testis (these Abs are specific for all calmodulins found in all eukaryotic cells; It is not clear if the Ab reacted with all homologs of calmodulin or specifically with some of them) and then with protein-A gold. a. an are of intense immunoreactivity is located on the merozoite apical end. Some label was also noted immediately under the plasma membrane (arrows). b, e) Tangential section of the apical end of maturing merozoites, the calmodulin labeling is mostly on the polar rings.. A – apical end; R – rhoptry; Pr – polar ring. Bar= 0.1 mm.

Matsumoto Y, Perry G, Scheibel LW, Aikawa M. Role of calmodulin in Plasmodium falciparum: implications for erythrocyte invasion by the merozoite. Eur J Cell Biol. 198745:36-43. Copyright Elsevier 2009.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0714400 calmodulin, putative
PF3D7_1030800 calmodulin, putative
PF3D7_1418300 calmodulin, putative
PF3D7_1434200 calmodulin