PF3D7_0903200 ras-related protein RAB7

Left-normal: A iii) and PfRAB7 (5-nm gold particles, A iii). (A) PfATG8 and PfRAB7 decorate vesicles (i and insert) and membranous tubules (ii) in the cytoplasm. On some occasions, Immunogold staining of P. falciparum under normal growth conditions and under conditions of amino acid-deprivation (starved) reveals the subcellular localization of PfATG8 (10-nm gold particles

PfATG8 and PfRAB7 occurred at the periphery of double-membrane-bound organelles (iii, arrowheads). Scale bars: 100 nm. PfATG8 and PfRAB7-labeled vesicles (i and insert) and membranous tubules (ii) and PfATG8 also occurred at the periphery of double membrane bound organelles (iii, arrowheads).

Right-starved: PfATG8 and PfRAB7 associated

with large structures corresponding to the food vacuole (FV; i). Costaining of PfATG8 and PfRAB7 is also visible on small double-membrane-bound

structures (ii), or very large FV vesicles (iii and iv). Scale bars: 100 nm. Upon amino acid deprivation an enhanced colocalization of PfATG8 and PfRAB7

with the acidic food vacuole (FV) occurred (i, iii and iv) and also on small double-membrane-bound structures (ii).

Tomlins AM, Ben-Rached F, Williams RA, Proto WR, Coppens I, Ruch U, Gilberger TW, Coombs GH, Mottram JC, Müller S, Langsley G. Plasmodium falciparum ATG8 implicated in both autophagy and apicoplast formation. Autophagy. 2013 Aug


Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_1019900 autophagy-related protein 8