PF3D7_1335100 merozoite surface protein 7

Co-localization of MSP7 and MSRP2. Late-stage parasites were formaldehyde-fixed, acetone-permeabilised and reacted with mAb 2G10, (mouse monoclonal anti-MSP7 antibody) and rabbit polyclonal anti-MSRP2 antibodies in an immunofluorescence assay.

Kadekoppala M, Ogun SA, Howell S, Gunaratne RS, Holder AA. A systematic genetic analysis of the Plasmodium falciparum MSP7-like family reveals differences in protein expression, location and importance in asexual growth of the blood stage parasite. Eukaryot Cell. 2010 9:1064-74.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_1334800 MSP7-like protein