PF3D7_1408000 plasmepsin II

Identification of haemoglobinase-containing and LysoSensor-Blue labelled compartments in infected RBCs. The panels are DIC or bright-field images, GFP or SNARF-1 fluorescence (depicted in green) or TMR-dextran or LysoSensor Blue fluorescence (depicted in red), and overlays of the red and green images. (A-D) Plasmepsin-II-GFP-3D7 transfectants in TMR-dextran containing resealed RBCs. The pre-digestive vacuole (DV) and DV compartments (yellow arrows) and the extra-DV compartments (red arrowheads) contain both plasmepsin-II-GFP and TMR-dextran. Plasmepsin-II-GFP is also present in structures that could represent nascent cytostomal invaginations (blue arrows). There is no plasmepsin-II-GFP associated with a larger spherical profile structure (white arrow). (E-H) In rings (E,F) and trophozoites (G,H) in SNARF-1-dextran containing RBCs, LysoSensor Blue is associated with peripheral structures and the DV (arrowheads) and extra-DV structures (yellow arrows). The spherical structure in ring-stage parasites (A, white arrow) is not labeled. Some additional structures in the trophozoite-stage parasites are weakly labeled with LysoSensor Blue, but do not contain SNARF-1-dextran (H, blue arrow). Scale bars: 5 mm.

Abu Bakar N, Klonis N, Hanssen E, Chan C, Tilley L. Digestive-vacuole genesis and endocytic processes in the early intraerythrocytic stages of Plasmodium falciparum. J Cell Sci. 2010 123:441-450.