PF3D7_1408000 plasmepsin II

Digestive vacuole (DV) swelling was confirmed by the dose-dependent enlargement of the average DV area. Parasites expressing YFP-tagged plasmepsin II (PMII-YFP), which localizes to the DV, were treated with increasing concentrations of (Benzyl)Tyr-Ala (BTA) and 250 nM Phe-Naphthyl (PNAP) and imaged by fluorescence microscopy.

Harbut MB, Velmourougane G, Dalal S, Reiss G, Whisstock JC, Onder O, Brisson D, McGowan S, Klemba M, Greenbaum DC. Bestatin-based chemical biology strategy reveals distinct roles for malaria M1- and M17-family aminopeptidases. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 108:E526-34.