PF3D7_1439000 copper transporter, CTR1

Immunolocalization of a putative P. falciparum copper transport protein. Asexual P. falciparum parasites were grown in vitro, synchronized by sorbitol treatment and samples removed at five time points (A – E). Fixed parasites were probed with chicken antipeptide antibodies targeting PF14_0369 and rabbit antibodies against Exp-1. Chicken antibodies were detected with a Cy3-conjugated antibody and rabbit antibodies with a Cy2-conjugated antibody. Panels are representative of the following stages of asexual parasite development: A. early rings; B. late rings; C. early trophozoites; D. late trophozoites; E. schizonts. Parasite DNA was stained with Hoechst. Scale bar is 5 μm.

Choveaux DL, Przyborski JM, Goldring JD. A Plasmodium falciparum copper-binding membrane protein with copper transport motifs. Malar J. 2012 11(1):397.