PF3D7_1471100 exported protein 2

Immunoelectronmicroscopical localization of exp-2. Labelling with McAb7.7 alone (F) was followed by silver enhancement. In double-labelling studies (E, G), localization of PcAb5.1 is shown by larger, 20 nm particles; localization of McAb7.7 by 5 nm particles. (E) Co-localization of McAb7.7 and PcAb5.1 at the surface of an early schizont. Note association with a mass of dense material (lower right). (F) Localization of McAb7.7 to a membranous cleft in the erythrocyte cytoplasm (right) and low labelling of the parasite cytoplasm (left). (G) Co-localization of McAb7.7 and PcAb5.1 to a vesicular structure in the cytoplasm of an infected erythrocyte, double-labelled. (H) Plasma membrane of the RBC and intraerythrocytic membranous cleft, showing restriction of band 3 protein to the red cell surface.

Johnson D, G√ľnther K, Ansorge I, Benting J, Kent A, Bannister L, Ridley R, Lingelbach K. Characterization of membrane proteins exported from Plasmodium falciparum into the host erythrocyte. Parasitology. 109 ( Pt 1):1-9. Copyright Cambridge University Press.