PF3D7_0404900 6-cysteine protein

Antisera raised to an MBP-Pf41 fusion protein (Pf41 amino acids 115–229) recognize a protein of 40 kDa in P. falciparum (3D7) parasites that were either saponin-lysed (S) or untreated (NS) prior to solubilization in non-reducing sample buffer. The reactivity of mouse anti-Pf41 antibodies with schizonts and free merozoites in a double labeling immunofluorescence assay with rabbit anti-MSP1 antibodies is shown. The arrows indicate the apical end of the parasite (dense structure).

Sanders PR, Gilson PR, Cantin GT, Greenbaum DC, Nebl T, Carucci DJ, McConville MJ, Schofield L, Hodder AN, Yates JR 3rd, Crabb BS. Distinct protein classes including novel merozoite surface antigens in Raft-like membranes of Plasmodium falciparum. J Biol Chem. 2005 280:40169-76.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0930300 merozoite surface protein 1