PF3D7_0323400 Rh5 interacting protein

Localization of PfRH5 was assessed by indirect IFA using anti-PfRH5 polyclonal rabbit serum (green). Fixed and permeabilized schizonts with (+) or without (2) E64 treatment or free merozoites (inset) of 3D7 clone P. falciparum were costained with mouse Abs (red) to mark various organelles: PfAMA1 polyclonal (microneme), PfRAP1 mAb (rhoptry body), or PfRON4 mAb (rhoptry neck); or polyclonal mouse serum against further Ags: PfRH4 and PfRipr. Figures show the merge of the dual staining Abs and nuclei stained with DAPI (blue), as well as the brightfield view. Scale bars, 1 mm. anti-PfRH5 rabbit Abs (8) do not colocalize with conventional markers of the rhoptry bulb, rhoptry neck, or micronemes (PfRAP1, PfRON4, and PfAMA1, respectively) in permeabilized schizonts or free merozoites of 3D7 clone P. falciparum parasites. Minimal colocalization in schizonts with PfRH2a/b (data not shown) and also with PfRH4, described as a marker of the rhoptry tip, but significant colocalization with PfRipr in merozoites and late-stage schizonts, especially following treatment with the cysteine protease inhibitor E64, which prevents merozoite release by inhibiting schizont rupture. Impossible to detect PfRH5 on the merozoite surface in any assay, with staining only successful following permeabilization .

Douglas AD, Williams AR, Knuepfer E, Illingworth JJ, Furze JM, Crosnier C, Choudhary P, Bustamante LY, Zakutansky SE, Awuah DK, Alanine DG, Theron M, Worth A, Shimkets R, Rayner JC, Holder AA, Wright GJ, Draper SJ. Neutralization of Plasmodium falciparum Merozoites by Antibodies against PfRH5. J Immunol. 2014 192(1):245-58.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0424100 reticulocyte binding protein homologue 5
PF3D7_0424200 reticulocyte binding protein homologue 4
PF3D7_0501600 rhoptry-associated protein 2
PF3D7_1116000 rhoptry neck protein 4
PF3D7_1133400 apical membrane antigen 1