PF3D7_0500800 erythrocyte membrane protein 2 mature parasite-infected erythrocyte surface antigen

Right: Subcellular localization of PfEMP2 using IgM mAb 4H9.1 by cryo-thin-section immunoelectron microscopy. Electron-dense clumps are seen associated with PfEMP2 antigen,. Bar 0.5 mm. P – parasite; C – erythrocyte cytoplasm; V – parasitophophorous vacuole membrane; M – infected erythrocyte surface membrane.

e. Sub-membrane area of knob (K) identified by concavity of surface membrane and electron-dense material. Bar 0.25 mm.

Howard RJ, Lyon JA, Uni S, Saul AJ, Aley SB, Klotz F, Panton LJ, Sherwood JA, Transport of an Mr approximately 300,000 Plasmodium falciparum protein (Pf EMP 2) from the intraerythrocytic asexual parasite to the cytoplasmic face of the host cell membrane. J Cell Biol. 1987 May;104(5):1269-80.