PF3D7_0930300 merozoite surface protein 1

Localization of the 195 kDa glycoprotein by immunoelectronmicroscopy. Erythrocytes infected with mature trophozoite and schizont forms of P. falciparum were treated with saponin to lyse the outer erythrocyte membrane and incubated in RPMI 1640 plus the PF2 7H 10.19 monoclonal antibody (Panels 1 and 2) or in RPM1 1640 alone (Panel 3). The cells were washed, incubated with ferritin-labelled goat anti-mouse lgG and washed again. Panel 1 shows ferritin particles (arrow) evenly distributed over the surface membrane of mature asexual parasites (P). The inset shows ferritin particles at higher magnification. Panel 2 shows erythrocyte membrane and associated knobs (arrow) but extremely low binding of ferritin particles characteristic of nonspecific attachment. Both of the parasites in this panel were still within resealed erythrocyte and parasitophorous vacuole membranes, and were not coated with ferritin particles. Panel 3 shows that in the absence of monoclonal antibody PF2 7H 10.19 very few particles were present on the surface (arrow) of an extracellular membrane-free parasite (P).

Howard RJ, Lyon JA, Diggs CL, Haynes JD, Leech JH, Barnwell JW, Aley SB, Aikawa M, Miller LH. Localization of the major Plasmodium falciparum glycoprotein on the surface of mature intraerythrocytic trophozoites and schizonts. Mol Biochem Parasitol. 1984 11:349-62. Copyright Elsevier