PF3D7_1203700 nucleosome assembly protein

Stage specific expression of PfNapL-GFP chimeras. The localization of (b) PfNapL wild-type-GFP, (c) PfNapL L46A-GFP and (d) PfNapL Q50A in different stages of the erythrocytic life cycle of P. falciparum is shown. The first column of each panel shows bright field pictures, followed by a nuclear DAPI stain, GFP fluorescence, an overlay of the nuclear and GFP localization and - in the last column - overlay of bright field with DAPI and GFP. PfNapL wild-type-GFP was etected in the cytoplasm of the parasites.

Gill J, Yogavel M, Kumar A, Belrhali H, Jain SK, Rug M, Brown M, Maier AG, Sharma A. Crystal structure of malaria parasite nucleosome assembly protein (NAP): distinct modes of protein localization and histone recognition. J Biol Chem. 2009 284:10076-87.