PF3D7_1133400 apical membrane antigen 1

PfTRAMP localizes to the rhoptries of P. falciparum schizonts and merozoites.(A) Co-localization of PfTRAMP with MSP1, EBA175 and Rh2b in schizonts and free merozoites by IFA. PfTRAMP (green) co-localizes with rhoptry marker PfRh2b (red) but does not co-localize with EBA175 (red) or merozoite surface marker MSP1 (red) in schizonts and merozoites. (B)Co-localization of PfTRAMP-GFP in transgenic P. falciparum 3D7 with MSP1, AMA1 and Clag3.1. PfTRAMP-GFP (green) co-localizes with rhoptry marker Clag 3.1 (red) but not with microneme markerPfAMA1 (red) or merozoite suface marker PfMSP1 (red) in schizonts and merozoites. Nuclei were stained with DNA intercalating dye DAPI.

Siddiqui FA, Dhawan S, Singh S, Singh B, Gupta P, Pandey A, Mohmmed A, Gaur D, Chitnis CE. A Thrombospondin Structural Repeat Containing Rhoptry Protein from Plasmodium falciparum Mediates Erythrocyte Invasion. Cell Microbiol. 2013 15(8):1341-56

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0302500 cytoadherence linked asexual protein 3.1
PF3D7_0731500 erythrocyte binding antigen-175
PF3D7_0930300 merozoite surface protein 1
PF3D7_1218000 thrombospondin-related apical membrane protein
PF3D7_1335300 reticulocyte binding protein 2 homologue b, ALKBH5