PF3D7_1229100 multidrug resistance-associated protein 2, MRP2

Localization of PfMRP2 and PfMDR5 within the asexual stages of P. falciparum. In column 1 blue (DAPI) shows the nuclear staining. In column 2 red shows PfMRP2 staining. In column 3 green shows glycophorin-A (A and B) or PfERC (C and D) staining. Column 4 shows the merge of column 1–3. Finally, column 5 shows the differential interference contrast image. Represented in rows: A, multiple infected erythrocyte: rings; B, double infected erythrocyte: trophozoites; C, three trophs (T) and two rings (R); D, early schizont. Arrow indicates food vacuole. Both transporters are localized to the plasma membrane in all asexual stages of the parasite.

Kavishe RA, van den Heuvel JJ, van de Vegte-Bolmer M, Luty AJ, Russel FG, Koenderink JB. Localization of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transport proteins PfMRP1, PfMRP2, and PfMDR5 at the Plasmodium falciparum plasma membrane. Malar J. 2009 8:205.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_1339900 ABC transporter B family member 5, putative, ABCB5