PF3D7_0617900 histone H3 variant

Right: PfSec13 does not co-localize with P. falciparum heterochromatin. IFAs of the PfSec13-GFP expressing parasites that were co-immunolabled with α-GFP (green) and α-H3K9me3 (red) at different stages of the IDC. In 85% of the counted nuclei of all stages (n=100), the H3K9me3 signal and PfSec13-GFP did not co-localize.

Left: In vivo imaging of parasites expressing both PfSec13-GFP and PfHP1-HA-mCherry during the IDC. Although PfSec13 (green) and PfHP1 (red) localized to the nuclear periphery they do not co-localize.

Righet lower corner: In vivo confocal microscopy of parasites expressing both PfSec13-GFP and PfHP1-HA-mCherry.

Dahan-Pasternak N, Nasereddin A, Kolevzon N, Pe'er M, Wong W, Shinder V, Turnbull L, Whitchurch CB, Elbaum M, Gilberger TW, Yavin E, Baum J, Dzikowski R. PfSec13 is an unusual chromatin associated nucleoporin of Plasmodium falciparum, which is essential for parasite proliferation in human erythrocytes. J Cell Sci. 2013 126(Pt 14):3055-69 Reproduced with permission

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0610400 histone H3
PF3D7_1220900 heterochromatin protein 1
PF3D7_1230700 protein transport protein SEC13
PF3D7_1333700 histone H3-like centromeric protein CSE4