PF3D7_1231100 ras-related protein Rab-2

Localization of Rab4-related protein in P. falciparum. Immunogold labeling of ultrathin frozen section of parasites with affinity-purified Rab4 antibodies. A,B. Gold particles (10 nm) was located on membranes of early endosome-like structures near the parasite plasma membrane and on small vesicles near this membrane. Arrowheads EEL, early endosome-like structures. Small arrows indicate gold particles. Bar: 100-nm. Curator’s note: Monoclonal Abs were prepared against human recombinant proteins. Human Rab4 has very high sequence similarity to PfRab2 GTPase. Pf has no Rab4 ortholog. Hence, the immune reaction most probably occurred with Rab2.

Jambou R, Zahraoui A, Olofsson B, Tavitian A, Jaureguiberry G. Small GTP-binding proteins in Plasmodium falciparum. Biol Cell. 1996 88:113-21.