PF3D7_1246200 actin I

Detection of actin in blood stage parasites by fluorescent staining techniques. A) Image of a mature schizont and released merozoites stained with TRITC-phalloidin showing brighter polar fluorescence of the merozoites (Δ). B) The corresponding DIC image shows the bright contrast image of malarial pigment. G) Fluorescence associated with mature and rupturing schizont and with the membranes of all erythrocytes after immuno-staining using a monoclonal AB to actin. Merozoite-associated fluorescence was strongest in the periphery (Δ). H) Corresponding DIC image.

Webb SE, Fowler RE, O'Shaughnessy C, Pinder JC, Dluzewski AR, Gratzer WB, Bannister LH, Mitchell GH. Contractile protein system in the asexual stages of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Parasitology. 1996 112:451-7.