PF3D7_1254100 PIR protein stevor

IFA images of methanol-fixed slides of the field isolate Gb337 in (A) early ring, (B) ring, (C) trophozoite, (D) schizont and (E) gametocyte stages visualized using anti-STEVOR (anti-PFL2610w) antibody. The localization of STEVOR proteins to the merozoite surface and the rhoptries together with its prevalence as a released component in the invading merozoite suggest a role of these antigens in adhesion and/or immune evasion in the erythrocyte invasion process.

Khattab A, Bonow I, Schreiber N, Petter M, Schmetz C, Klinkert MQ. Plasmodium falciparum variant STEVOR antigens are expressed in merozoites and possibly associated with erythrocyte invasion. Malar J. 2008 Jul 23;7:137.