PF3D7_0202000 knob-associated histidine-rich protein

Expression of KAHRP(±His)±GFP and KAHRP(+His)±GFP chimeric proteins at different stages of the intra-erythrocytic life cycle of P.falciparum. (A±E) Expression of KAHRP(±His)±GFP in 3D7±His and (F±J) expression of KAHRP(+His)±GFP in 3D7+His. The first image in each set represents the fluorescence signal from the GFP chimeric protein, the second is the bright field image, with an overlay of these images in the third panel. These data are consistent with the suggestion that both the KAHRP(±His)±GFP and KAHRP(+His)±GFP chimeric proteins transit through a secretory network within the parasite and thence to the parasitophorous vacuole, before export of the KAHRP-(+His)±GFP chimera to the erythrocyte cytosol.

Wickham ME, Rug M, Ralph SA, Klonis N, McFadden GI, Tilley L, Cowman AF. Trafficking and assembly of the cytoadherence complex in Plasmodium falciparum-infected human erythrocytes. EMBO J. 2001 20:5636-49