PF3D7_1407800 plasmepsin IV

Plm-IV localization assay. (a) Confocal microscopy images show that Plm-IV co-localizes with the dark hemozoin-containing DV in healthy 3D7 P. falciparum parasites but not in (b) parasites treated with 3 mM of CQ for 4 h, where Plm-IV staining is less intense and is found throughout the parasite cytoplasm. (Scale bar set at 5 mm).

Ch'ng JH, Lee YQ, Gun SY, Chia WN, Chang ZW, Wong LK, Batty KT, Russell B, Nosten F, Renia L, Tan KS. Validation of a chloroquine-induced cell death mechanism for clinical use against malaria. Cell Death Dis. 2014 Jun 26;5:e1305.