PF3D7_0202200 EMP1-trafficking protein

Localisation of PfPTP1 during the intracellular cycle in immunofluorescence assay. The fixed cells were incubated with α-PTP1 antibody. Parasite nucleus was stained with DAPI. ER = early ring, LR=late ring, ET=early trophozoite, MT=mid trophozoite, LT=late trophozoite and S=rupturing schizont. BF = bright field. PTP1 was expressed across the asexual cycle and located in punctate structures, surrounding the intracellular parasite, that bud from the PVM. During development these structures increase in size contacting the RBC membrane in the mature parasite . In rupturing schizonts PfPTP1 associated organelles appear as remnants between merozoites.

Rug M, Cyrklaff M, Mikkonen A, Lemgruber L, Kuelzer S, Sanchez CP, Thompson J, Hanssen E, O'Neill M, Langer C, Lanzer M, Frischknecht F, Maier AG, Cowman AF. Export of virulence proteins by malaria-infected erythrocytes involves remodelling of host actin cytoskeleton. Blood. 2014 Aug 19 [Epub ahead of print]