PF3D7_0627500 protein DJ-1

Samples from a synchronized P. falciparum culture were collected at different time points during the asexual stages of parasite development, and used for determining expression of plasmoDJ1 by IFA using anti-PfDJ1 antibodies. The images of indicated stages show the presence of plasmoDJ1-specific signal in parasites (DJ1), nucleic acid staining (DAPI), brightfield showing parasite and the infected erythrocyte boundaries (Bright) and the merged of all three images (Merged). The signal appears to be diffusely distributed throughout the parasite in all stages, indicating expression of plasmoDJ1.

Singhal N, Atul, Mastan BS, Kumar KA, Sijwali PS. Genetic ablation of plasmoDJ1, a multi-activity enzyme, attenuates parasite virulence and reduces oocyst production. Biochem J. 2014 461(2):189-203.