PF3D7_0410000 erythrocyte vesicle protein 1

PFD0495c is important for proper development of the TVN. Trophozoite stage parasites in ghosts resealed with 50 mM GST (i, ii, iii), or 10 mM GST. PFD0495cCterm (Biv, v, vi), were infected with: (i, iv) 3D7 P. falciparum and probed with anti-HRPII (red), anti-MSP1 (green, to mark the parasite) and Hoechst 33342 (blue to stain parasite DNA); (ii, v) clone 1 expressing PFD0495c-GFP and visualized live for green fluorescence; (iii, vi) 3D7 P. falciparum stained with the membrane permeable probe TR-ceramide and visualized live.

Tamez PA, Bhattacharjee S, van Ooij C, Hiller NL, LlinĂ¡s M, Balu B, Adams JH, Haldar K. An erythrocyte vesicle protein exported by the malaria parasite promotes tubovesicular lipid import from the host cell surface. PLoS Pathog. 2008 Aug 8;4(8):e1000118.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0831800 histidine-rich protein II