PF3D7_1429900 ADP-dependent DNA helicase RecQ

Localization of PfWrn in different intraerythrocytic stages of P. falciparum by immunofluorescence staining and confocal microscopy. The cells were fixed and immunostained with purified primary antibodies against PfWrn followed by fluoroisothiocyanatel abeled secondary antibody and then counterstained with DAPI. In each panel, single confocal image of each stage is shown. a, b Ring stage, c trophozoite stage, and d schizont stage. In each panel, i phase contrast image, ii image of cell stained with DAPI (blue), iii immunofluorescently stained cell (green), iv superimposed image, and v merged. Wrn protein expresses and localizes mainly in the nuclear region.

Rahman F, Tarique M, Ahmad M, Tuteja R. Plasmodium falciparum Werner homologue is a nuclear protein and its biochemical activities reside in the N-terminal region. Protoplasma. 2015 Apr 1. [Epub ahead of print]