PF3D7_1016300 glycophorin binding protein

Certain non-canonical PEXEL/HT variants are functional in a GBP reporter. A. Fluorescence microscopy. The structure of full-length GBP is indicated at the top; the schematic structure of the reporter proteins is depicted on the left of representative images of iRBCs. The ER-signal is shaded blue, the (non-)canonical PEXEL/HT is shaded black and GFP is shaded green. Putative cleavage sites are indicated by an arrow (blue: SP cleavage site; black: Plasmepsin V cleavage site. Fluorescence microscopy analyses indicated export of GBP-RILAE-GFP, GBP-RIIAE-GFP, GBPKILAE-GFP and GBP-HILAE-GFP, whereas GBP-KIIAEGFP, GBP-HIIAE-GFP and the control reporter (GBP- AILAE-GFP) were less efficiently exported.

Schulze J, Kwiatkowski M, Borner J, Schl├╝ter H, Bruchhaus I, Burmester T, Spielmann T, Pick C. The Plasmodium falciparum exportome contains non-canonical PEXEL/HT proteins. Mol Microbiol. 2015 Apr 8. [Epub ahead of print]