PF3D7_0903700 alpha tubulin 1

Effect of amitozyn on the microtubules of Plasmodium falciparum. Human RBC at 2 % haematocrit were infected with 3G8 strain of P. falciparum. At 0.5 % parasitaemia infected RBC (iRBC) were treated with 30 μg/mL amitozyn for 24 h. Untreated iRBC were used as a control. Fixed iRBC were stained with anti-α-tubulin (green), anti-RBC (red) and DAPI (blue) and analysed by confocal microscopy. a Rings and b trophozoite stages of P. falciparum, respectively. Amitozyn destroyed the filamentous structure of parasite microtubules at the ring and trophozoite stages.

Tcherniuk SO, Chesnokova O, Oleinikov IV, Potopalsky AI, Oleinikov AV. Anti-malarial effect of semi-synthetic drug amitozyn. Malar J. 2015 14(1):425.