PF3D7_0532400 lysine-rich membrane-associated PHISTb protein

Conditional depletion of PFE1605w (A) Confocal immunofluorescence and Western blot. analysis of synchronized 3D7 parasites expressing endogenous PFE1605w as a C-terminally tagged DD fusion protein grown for 96 hours in presence (PFE1605wON) or absence (PFE1605wOFF) of 625 nM Shield-1. Nuclei were stained with DAPI. Scale bar = 3 μm. Immunofluorescence assays showed the expected localisation of tagged PFE1605w at Maurer’s clefts and at the iRBC membrane. In parasites grown for 96 hours without Shield-1(PFE1605wOFF), PFE1605w levels were highly reduced and residual protein was only visible within the parasite. Parasites grown for 96 hours under the presence of Shield-1 (PFE1605wON) displayed normal levels and distribution of PFE1605w.

Oberli A, Zurbrügg L, Rusch S, Brand F, Butler ME, Day JL, Cutts EE, Lavstsen T, Vakonakis I, Beck HP. Plasmodium falciparum PHIST Proteins Contribute to Cytoadherence and Anchor PfEMP1 to the Host Cell Cytoskeleton. Cell Microbiol. 2016 Feb 24. [Epub ahead of print]