PF3D7_0917900 PfHsp70-2

Localization of PfRab5b to a punctate compartment in the parasite cytoplasm. Triple staining with PfRab5b-YFP-DD (green), DAPI (blue) and one of the following markers (red): PfBip (a, ER), PfSec13-RFP (b, ER exit site), PfERD2 (c, Golgi), PfVPS2-RFP (d, putative multivesicular body/endosome), FabHleader-RFP (e, apicoplast), or PfTPx-2 (f, mitochondria) after 24 h incubation with Shld1. PfRab5b-YFP-DD localized adjacent to the Bip signal (arrowheads). Bars 5 μm.

Ebine K, Hirai M, Sakaguchi M, Yahata K, Kaneko O, Saito-Nakano Y. Plasmodium Rab5b is secreted to the cytoplasmic face of the tubovesicular network in infected red blood cells together with N-acylated adenylate kinase 2. Malar J. 2016 15:323.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0211400 beta-ketoacyl-ACP synthase III oxoacyl-ACP synthase FABH
PF3D7_0816200 vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 2, putative
PF3D7_1215000 thioredoxin peroxidase 2
PF3D7_1230700 protein transport protein SEC13
PF3D7_1310600 ras-related protein Rab-5B secretory complex protein 61 alpha
PF3D7_1353600 ER lumen protein retaining receptor