PF3D7_1136900 subtilisin-like protease 2

(B and C) Electron micrographs showing immuno-gold labelling of micronemes within late-stage schizonts of PfSUB2HA clone 2D using: (B) anti-HA mAb 3F10, detecting epitope-tagged PfSUB2; and (C) a polyclonal antibody specific for PfAMA1. The inset in (B) shows another example of micronemal staining with mAb 3F10 from another schizont. Rh, rhoptry. using the anti-HA mAb 3F10, which showed light but consistent labelling of typical elongated (D and E) Posterior labelling of with anti-HA mAb 3F10 in a free merozoite of PfSUB2HA clone 2D. Arrows indicate immuno-gold labelling. Rh, rhoptry. micronemes within late-stage schizonts (B), similar to that of AMA1 (C). No labelling with mAb 3F10 was observed in less-mature schizont stages lacking micronemes, or apically in free merozoites, and labelling was also absent from wild-type schizont controls (not shown).

Harris PK, Yeoh S, Dluzewski AR, O'Donnell RA, Withers-Martinez C, Hackett F, Bannister LH, Mitchell GH, Blackman MJ. Molecular identification of a malaria merozoite surface sheddase. PLoS Pathog. 2005 Nov;1(3):241-51.