PF3D7_1343700 kelch protein K13

Analysis of the artemisinin-resistance proteins Kelch13. (a) Localization of native N-terminally GFP-tagged Kelch13 (GFP-2×FKBP-Kelch13). The endogenously expressed GFP-2×FKBP-Kelch13 was located in foci in the parasite cytoplasm (a). At least one of these foci was usually close to the parasite food vacuole. (c) KS with the 2×FKBP-GFP-2×FKBP-Kelch13 parasite line. Left, fluorescence microscopy images of live cells, showing the KS (rapalog) and control. KS with this cell line (Supplementary Figs. 1 and 9b) led to complete mislocalization of Kelch13 and to a rapid-growth phenotype.

Birnbaum J, Flemming S, Reichard N, Soares AB, Mesén-Ramírez P, Jonscher E, Bergmann B, Spielmann T. A genetic system to study Plasmodium falciparum protein function. Nat Methods. 2017 Mar 13.