PF3D7_1209300 telomere repeat-binding zinc finger protein, putative

Genome-wide binding profile of PfTRZ. a,b, Localization of endogenous PfTRZ-GFP (a) and PfTRZ-3×HA (b), detected by IFA in three different IDC stages. h.p.i., hours post-invasion. Scale bars, 5 μm. Results are representative of three biological replicate experiments. transgenic parasites expressing PfTRZ-GFP (3D7/TRZGFP) or PfTRZ-3×HA (3D7/TRZHA) (HA, haemagglutinin) from the endogenous locus (Supplementary Fig. 2). As expected, both PfTRZ-GFP and PfTRZ-3×HA localized to distinct foci at the nuclear periphery throughout the intra-erythrocytic developmental cell cycle (IDC) (Fig. 2a–c). Consistent with the consecutive rounds of genome duplication and nuclear division during schizogony, the number of PfTRZ foci and total PfTRZ expression levels increased in schizonts.

Bertschi NL, Toenhake CG, Zou A, Niederwieser I, Henderson R, Moes S, Jenoe P, Parkinson J, Bartfai R, Voss TS. Malaria parasites possess a telomere repeat-binding protein that shares ancestry with transcription factor IIIA. Nat Microbiol. 2017 2:17033.