PF3D7_1203000 origin recognition complex subunit 1

Endogenous PfORC1 binds to PfARS sequences in Plasmodium falciparum. FISH-IFA was performed using fluorescence labeled ARS3 DNA probe and antibodies against ORC1 in the trophozoite stage (25–30 hpi) parasites. Results indicate ~ 75% colocalization of PfARS3 signals with ORC1. Right panel shows the graphical representation of merged signals versus separate signals. (E) FISH-IFA experiments were performed using non-ARS sequence as a probe. Colocalization of non-ARS signals with ORC1 was rare (< 10%). Right panel shows the graphical representation of colocalized signals versus non-colocalized signals for 20 images in each case. The scale bar is 2 mm.

Agarwal M, Bhowmick K, Shah K, Krishnamachari A, Dhar SK. Identification and characterization of ARS-like sequences as putative origin(s) of replication in human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. FEBS J. 2017 Aug;284(16):2674-2695.