PF3D7_1401300 proline aminopeptidase

PfPAP is transcribed throughout the intraerythrocytic asexual lifecycle and exported into the host RBC. Direct fluorescence of transgenic parasites expressing PF3D7_1401300 C-terminally tagged with GFP. BF = bight field, GFP = GFP fluorescence, Nuclei = nuclear staining with Hoechst, Merge = merge of the previous images. Bar 5mm.

Immunofluorescence analysis using anti-PfPAP antibody localized PfPAP to the infected RBC cytoplasm which was confirmed in GFP-tagged PfPAP transfected parasites. da Silva FL, Dixon MW, Stack CM, Teuscher F, Taran E, Jones MK, Lovas E, Tilley L, Brown CL, Trenholme KR, Dalton JP, Gardiner DL, Skinner-Adams TS. APlasmodium falciparum S33 proline aminopeptidase is associated with changes in erythrocyte deformability. Exp Parasitol. 2016 169:13-21.