PF3D7_0302200 cytoadherence linked asexual protein 3.2

Coexpression and faithful trafficking of tandem CLAG3 isoforms. Indirect immunofluorescence images showing colocalization of Dd2-HA and 3D7-miniSOG-FLAG CLAG3 isoforms in TFLC3 parasites at the schizont stage and in trophozoites after invasion of new erythrocytes. Bar, 5 mm. each infected cell was recognized by both anti-HA and anti-FLAG antibodies. In schizont-infected cells, the two proteins colocalized as discrete puncta within developing merozoites (top row), consistent with CLAG3 packaging into apical rhoptry organelles. Both isoforms were transferred to new erythrocytes after egress and reinvasion at the end of the intracellular cycle.

Gupta A, Balabaskaran-Nina P, Nguitragool W, Saggu GS, Schureck MA, Desai SA. CLAG3 Self-Associates in Malaria Parasites and Quantitatively Determines Nutrient Uptake Channels at the Host Membrane. MBio. 2018 9(3).